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Low Pressure Differential Sensors

AMWEI Low Pressure Differential Sensors Description
Low pressure differential sensors incorporates a mature ceramic capacitive sensing element in a compact design. Using a 5 Vdc input, the sensor provides a 0.5V to 4.5 Vdc output proportional to pressure. widely used in high precision VAV Variable Air Volume and filter monitoring systems.
AMWEI Low Pressure Differential Sensors Features:
¡¤ Fast response.
¡¤ Good compatibility to measuring media.
¡¤ Low Pressure Sensing.
AMWEI Low Pressure Differential Sensors Typical Applications
¡¤Variable Air Volume (VAV)
¡¤Gas pressure measurement of water heater
¡¤Filter Pressure, Filter Monitoring.
¡¤Leak Detection Systems
¡¤Exhaust Pressure
¡¤Medical Instrumentation
¡¤Wind Tunnels
AMWEI Low Pressure Differential Sensors Technical Specification:
Pressure range: 0¡«5kpa
Max pressure: 8kPa
Burst Pressure:10kPa
Operating temperature: -20¡«+125¡æ
Medium: Natural Gas
Supply voltage: 5VDC
Nominal Output Voltage: 0.5¡«4.5VDC
Accuracy: ¡À3%FS£¬¡À2%(preset area)
AMWEI Low Pressure Differential Sensors Dimension

AMWEI Low pressure differential sensors Dimension
(1) Cable fixing head.
(2) Red-Power line 5V.
(3) Black-Grounding wire GND.
(4) Green-Output line 0.5-4.5V.

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