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Radial Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor for Temperature Sensing, Measurement, Detection, Indicator, Monitoring, Control, and Compensation.

Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor Description
Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor features with small dimension, very short response time, heat-resistive and highly stable. temperature measurement range -40C to +300C.
Radial Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Features
Glass encapsulated, heat-resistive and highly stable.
Glass body provides hermetic seal & voltage insulation, can operate in high temperature and
moisture environment.
For temperature measurement up to 300C.
Very short response time.
Small dimensions.
Resistance @25C 2k ohm, 10k ohm, 49k ohm, 50k ohm, 100k ohm, 200k ohm,231.5k ohm, etc.
Tight tolerance on resistance and Beta value.
Fast heat induction, high sensitivity.
Leads: dumet wires (copper-clad FeNi)
Dissipation factor: 2.0 mW/C in still air.
Thermal time constant: 6.5 seconds in still air.

Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Application Examples:

In household electronics temperature measurement, detection and control: micro-wave ovens, electric cookers, induction cooker, voltage cooker, toast, water boiler, coffee maker, etc.
Medical Industry: electronic thermometer.
In heating and air conditioning (HVAC): in heating cost distributors, in under-flooring heating and gas boilers, for determining exhaust gas or burner temperature.
Industrial electronics: for temperature stabilization of laser diodes and photo-elements, for temperature compensation in copper coils or reference point compensation of thermo-elements, etc. Also for temperature measurement and compensation of meters, instruments, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples.
In telecommunication: for temperature measurement, compensation and control and protection of mobile phones, battery pack and battery charger, etc.
Radial glass encapsulated package NTC thermistor can also be used in temperature measurement, monitoring, detection and control of food processing equipment, climate, etc.

Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor Dimension (Unit: mm)
Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor Engineering Drawing

Type A
1.30.2 mm
2.8Max mm
655 mm
0.2 mm
Type B
1.80.2 mm
3.40.5 mm
655 mm
0.25 mm
AMWEI Radial Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Data Sheet
Part number Resistance @25C
R25 (K ohm
Beta Value
Specific Temperature Point Resistance Data (ohm)
AMF58B-2.186K3420(B25/85) R25: 2.186k ohm B(25/85C): 3420K R0: 6K ohm
AMF58B-8.53K3450(B0/100) R25: 8.53K ohm B(0/100C):3450K R50: 3.485K ohm
AMF58B-1033950(B25/50) R25: 10K ohm B(25/50C):3950K
AMF58B-1033435(B25/85) R25: 10K ohm B(25/85C):3435K
AMF58B-49.12K3970(B0/100) R25: 49.12k ohm B(0/100C):3970K R100: 3.3K ohm
AMF58B-5033950(B25/50) R25: 50K ohm B(25/50C):3950K
AMF58B-5034036(B0/100) R25: 50K ohm B(0/100C):4036K
AMF58B-98.63K4300(B100/200) R25: 98.63K ohm B(100/200C):4300K R200: 0.55K ohm
AMF58B-1043950(B25/50) R25: 100K ohm B(25/50C):3950K
AMF58B-1044200(B25/50) R25: 100K ohm B(25/50C):4200K
AMF58B-2043899(B25/50) R25: 200k ohm B(25/50C):3899K R175: 2.109K ohm
AMF58B-231.5K4537(B100/200) R25: 231.5K ohm B(100/200C):4537K R200: 1.0K ohm
Notes in the part number for filling in resistance tolerance, optional for 1%(F), 2%(G), 3%(H), or 5%(J).
Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Reliability Data
Test Conditions
R25/R25 (typical)
Low temperature storage IEC 60068-2-1 Storage at low category temperature: -30C, Time: 1000hours
No visible damage
Storage in dry heat IEC 60068-2-2 Storage at upper category temperature: 200C, Time: 1000hours
No visible damage
Storage in damp heat, steady state (Humidity test) IEC 60068-2-3 Temperature: 40C,
Humidity:90%-95% RH,
Duration:1000 hours
No visible damage
Temperature cycling IEC 60068-2-14 1. -30C/30 minutes
2. 80C/5minutes
3. 200C/30 minutes
4. 80C/5minutes.
Number of cycles: 5 Cycles
No visible damage
Radial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Mechanical Test
Test Conditions and methods
Soldering & Solderability IEC60068-2-20
Test Ta
Temperature: 2305 棬
2-2.5mm away from ceramic bodyOn: 20.5 Seconds.
The terminations shall be evenly tinned
Resistant to soldering heat IEC60068-2-20
Test Tb
Temperature: 2605,
2-2.5mm away from ceramic bodyOn101 Seconds.
No visible damage,
Lead wire tensile IEC60068-2-21
Test U
Test Ua: Force 10N, On 10S;
Test Ub: Bending 90C, Force 5N, Twice.
No break off,

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