NTC Thermistors

NTC Thermistor Resistance Temperature RT Characteristics

NTC Thermistor Resistance Temperature RT Characteristics

NTC Thermistor is negative temperature coefficient thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors, made of polycrystalline mixed oxide ceramics, show a decrease in resistance as temperature increases.

Changes in the resistance of the NTC thermistor can be brought about either externally by a change in ambient temperature or internally by self-heating resulting from a current flowing through the device.

All practical applications are based on this behavior.   NTC thermistor is used for inrush current limiting surge suppressing, temperature measurement sensing compensation, etc.

NTC Thermistors Lineup

Inrush Current Limit Power NTC Thermistor

Inrush Current Limit Power NTC Thermistor

Power NTC thermistor can be a cost effective device to limit the amount of inrush current in a switching power supply or other devices when the power is first turned on. Power NTC thermistor limits surge current by functioning as a power resistor which drops from a high cold resistance to a low hot resistance when heated by the current flowing through it.
Inrush-current limiters power NTC thermistor protect circuits from undesirably high currents, suppressing high inrush current surges, while its resistance remains negligible low during continuous operation. Thanks to their low resistance in the operating state, Power NTC thermistor have a considerably lower power dissipation than the fixed resistors frequently used for this application.

Radial leaded epoxy resin coated NTC thermistor for temperature sensing, measurement, monitoring, control, Typical Resistance @25C R25 1k, 2k,  2252 ohm, 5k, 10k, 20k, 47k, 50k, 100k, 150k ohm,  Operating temperature range: -45C — +125C. Standard pin wire is tinned copper brass wire, non-insulated, optional in tinned kinked steel wire, PVC wire, PTFE wire. Widely applied in temperature sensing, measurement, detection, indicator, monitoring, gauging, control, calibration and compensation, etc., suitable for HVAC and white goods, automotive, battery pack application.

Axial leaded glass encapsulated DO35 diode package NTC thermistor applied in temperature sensing, measurement, monitoring, control. Typical resistance at 25C  R25 2k ohm, 5k ohm, 10k ohm, 20k ohm, 47k ohm, 50k ohm, 100k ohm, 200k ohm, 500k ohm, 1.388 million ohm etc, temperature range -45C–+300C. Glass body DO35 package provides hermetic seal & voltage insulation, can operate in high temperature and moisture environment. Small dimension, solid, convenient for automatic installation.

Radial glass encapsulated NTC thermistor for temperature sensing, measurement, detection, indicator, monitoring, control, compensation, features with small dimension, very short response time, heat-resistive and highly stable, temperature range -45C–+300C.

NTC thermistor can be assembled in housing in a variety of configurations for temperature sensing, measurement, detection, indicator, monitoring and control. Thermistor temperature sensor probe assemblies can conveniently attach to or be an integral part of any system to monitor or control temperature.
Thermistor Temperature Sensor Probe assembly, in ring lug terminal for surface temperature sensing, housed in copper, threaded stainless steel, ABS for immersion sensor, for HVAC, air conditioner, freezer, food processing, industrial control application.

Since all metals used for coil windings have a positive temperature coefficient of resistance, NTC thermistor are especially useful for compensating resistance changes in devices subjected to temperature variations.
Due to the high temperature coefficient of the thermistor as opposed to the low temperature coefficient of the copper, full compensation can be achieved by using a thermistor– resistor network. This network adds less than 15% to the total impedance of the circuit. Compensation of transistor amplifiers, crystal oscillators, etc. can be achieved by using similar methods.

Surface Mount NTC Thermistor for Temperature Sensing Measurement Compensation , SMD 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206.