How to Calculate NTC thermistor β Beta Constant Value?

What Is Beta Constant Value?

Beta Constant Value is an indication of the shape of the curve that represents the relationship between the resistance and the temperature of a particular Thermistor.  Calculate the beta constant value to achieve the right characteristic at a given temperature vs the resistance for a specific application. it is a vital step in the component selection process.

What Does Resistance vs. Temperature Mean In Relation To Thermistor Beta Calculations?

It is the characteristic or the curve of  NTC thermistor that best defines the resistance as a function of the temperature.

How to Calculate Beta Constant Value?

  • NTC thermistor Beta Constant Value Calculations use a two-point calibration to calculate the resistance vs the temperature curve and take into consideration the required resistance at both temperature points.
  • The Beta Constant Value is measured in degrees Kelvin rather than Fahrenheit or Celsius, and it is calculated using the four components listed below.

Beta Constant Value Calculation Formula

NTC thermistors beta constant calculation formula

NTC thermistors beta constant calculation formula

4 key Components of NTC thermistor Beta Calculations

  1. RT1 = Resistance at Temperature 1
  2. RT2 = Resistance at Temperature 2
  3. T1 = Temperature 1 (K)
  4. T2 = Temperature 2 (K)

Most of AMWEI NTC thermistor Beta B constant value is calculated from measurements at 25C and 50C, or 25C and 85C,
that is expressed in  B(25/50) , or B(25/85), or the other temperature point the user most concerned.