PTC NTC Thermistors Comparison

Thermistor, abbreviated for THERMally sensitive resiSTOR.
PTC, abbreviated for Positive Temperature Coefficient.
NTC, abbreviated for Negative Temperature Coefficient.

PTC thermistors resistance increases with temperature rising.
NTC thermistors resistance decreases with temperature rising.

PTC thermistors are made of doped polycrystalline ceramic on the basis of barium titanate, major material BaTio3.
NTC thermistor are made of polycrystalline mixed oxide ceramics, major material is Mn, Ni, Cu.

PTC thermistors are mainly applied in overcurrent overload and short circuit protection , telecom protection, temperature sensing, temperature protection, motor sensing protection,motor starting, lighting soft switching time delay, self-regulation constant heating, etc.

NTC thermistors are mainly applied in inrush current limiting surge suppressing, temperature sensing measurement, temperature compensation, temperature control, etc.

PTC NTC Thermistor comparison in material RT Characteristics

PTC NTC Thermistor comparison in material RT Characteristics