PTC Heater Chip Clamp Contact 3 Wraps Polyimide  Insulated  110V-240V 180C Dimension 24x15x3.2mm 100mm Cable

Appearance and Dimension

PTC Heater Polyimide Insulated 220V 110V 180C 24x15mm Appearance Dimension

Unit: mm

PTC thermistor chip fitting in two metal plates, 3 wraps Polyimide Kapton sleeve insulated tightly . Supply voltage 110 up to 240V. Self-regulation constant heating, no glowing parts, no overheating, energy efficient, compact design, long service life.

Electrical Specifications

  • Operating voltage : 110V- 240 V
  • PTC Thermistor Surface Temperature @220V: 180C±10C
  • PTC Thermistor Surface Temperature @110V: 170C±10C
  • Reference temperature (Switch temperature) Tref: 170C
  • Inrush current max @220V: 2A
  • Resistance @25C  R25 : 500–2000 Ω
  • Insulation voltage 3750V/1 Second

Reliability Data

Test Item Standard Test conditions |ΔR25/R25|
Electrical endurance,
IEC 60738-1 Room temperature, Vmax
Number of cycles: 10000
Electrical endurance,
IEC 60738-1 storage at Voltage: 230V
Ambient temperature: +100C
Test duration: 1000 h
Damp heat IEC 60738-1 Temperature of air: 40 °C
Relative humidity of air: 93%
Duration: 56 days
Test according to IEC 60068-2-78