Vishay BCcomponents Thermistors PTC AMWEI Cross Catalogue

Vishay BCcomponents PTCTL Series Cross,  PTC Thermistors Overload Protection for Telecommunication 

Image Vishay Ordering
Part No.
AMWEI Ordering Code Max. Operating Voltage Vmax. Resistance @25C  R25 (Ohm) Max. Current Imax Non-trip
Current@ 25C(mA)
Trip Current @25C
Trip time @1A→0.5A
Telecom PTC 650V 3A PTCTL4MR500SBE AMZ23-50RM075 650V 50 ohm +/-20% 3A 75mA 150 mA 1s 9.5mm
PTCTL3MR100GTE AMZ23-10RM130 250V 10 ohm +/-20% 1A 130mA 300 mA 2s 7.5mm
PTCTL4NR100LBE  PTCTL4MR100LTE AMZ23-10RM150 250V 10 ohm +/-20% 3A 150mA 280mA 2s 8.5mm
PTCTL3MR250HTE AMZ23-25RM085 250V 25 ohm +/-20% 1A 85mA 170 mA 1s 6.5mm

Note: More detailed information on PTC Thermistors Overload Protection for Telecommunication can founded be in Ceramic PTC Thermistor for Telecom High Voltage Current Surge Protection Page.

Vishay BCcomponents PTCCL – 265 V Series Cross,  PTC Thermistors for Overload Protection 

Image Visahay Ordering Part No. AMWEI Ordering Code Max.  Voltage Vmax. Resistance @25C R25 Max. Current Imax Non-trip  Current@ 25°C (mA) Trip Current
@25°C (mA)
Temperature (C)
AMZ11-05P122H265 265V 1200Ω
0.1A 15mA 30mA 120C 6.5mm
 PTCCL05H280HBE PTCCL05H280HTE AMZ11-05P501H265 265V 500Ω
0.2A 27 mA 54 mA 120C 6.5mm
PTCCL05H630HBE  PTCCL05H630HTE AMZ11-05P121H265 265V 120 ohm
0.3 A 45 mA 90mA 120C 6.5mm
PTCCL05H760HBE PTCCL05H760HTE AMZ11-05P85RH265 265V 85Ω
0.3A 60 mA 120mA 120C 6.5mm
PTCCL05H950HBE PTCCL05H950HTE AMZ11-07P56RH265 265V 56Ω
0.6A 90 mA 175mA 120C 8.0mm
PTCCL07H111HBE PTCCL07H111HTE AMZ11-08P45RH265 265V 45Ω
0.8A 105mA 200mA 120C 9.0mm
PTCCL07H141HBE PTCCL07H141HTE AMZ11-08P25RH265 265V 25Ω
0.8A 130mA 250mA 120C 9.0mm
PTCCL09H191HBE PTCCL09H191HTE AMZ11-10P15RH265 265V 15Ω
1.2A 180mA 350mA 120C 11.0mm
PTCCL11H251HBE PTCCL11H251HTE AMZ11-12P10RH265 265V 10Ω
1.8A 250mA 500mA 120C 13.5 mm
PTCCL13H281HBE PTCCL13H281HTE AMZ11-13P10RH265 265V 10Ω
1.8A 260mA 520mA 120C 14.0 mm
PTCCL17H401HBE AMZ11-16P6RH265 265V
3.1A 390mA 780mA 120C 17.5mm
PTCCL21H591HBE AMZ11-20P3R7H265 265V 3.7Ω
4.3A 530 mA 1050mA 120C 22.0mm

Note: More detailed information on PTC Thermistor for overload protection can be in PTC Thermistor Current Protect Resettable Fuse Page.