Thermistors Sensor Vehicle Application     Vehicle Temperature Sensing

Linear Silicon PTC thermistors resistance increases with the temperature rises in linearity, displays a virtually linear positive temperature coefficient over their entire temperature range, suitable in measurement and control system, temperature compensation.
Silicon temperature sensor is extremely reliable, has long operational lifetimes.
Hermetically sealed glass package, axial leaded, Dumet wire, 2 leads,  small dimension, tightness, available for tape package, convenient for automatic installation.
For AMWEI AM-LPTC1000, rated resistance @25C 1000 ohm, tolerance 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, alternative to Philips NXP Silicon Temperature Sensors KTY81-1, KTY83-1 series.
This part silicon temperature sensor is widely used in wiring harnesses built in transmission units, vehicles, etc.

Threaded Al M8X1.25mm PTC Heater

Threaded Al Cartridge PTC Thermistor Heater

Threaded Al Housing PTC thermistors heating assembly for pipe, tanks, vessel, container, equipment casings heating application. Threaded hex head design is ideal for tanks, vessel and pipe installation, as well as other industrial application, affords greater resistance to shock and vibration. Typical application such as automotive vehicles carburetor heating, water boiler, etc.
Threaded aluminum housing, M8X1.25mm, total Al case length 30mm.
Operating voltage: 12-24V
Surface temperature: 180C max.
Inrush current: 0.8-1.5A.
Power watt: 14W.
Control of the insulation layer: ≥500V/50Hz.