PTC Thermistors for Overcurrent Protection in Telecom Applications, Leaded Disk Coated 25 Ohm 250V 1A

AMWEI Ordering Code: AMZ23-25RM085

Appearance and Dimension

Leaded Coated PTC Telecom Protect Outlook Dimension

Leaded Coated PTC Telecom Protect Outlook Dimension

  • Silicon resin coated ceramic body, green color
  • Coated ceramic body outer diameter D : 6.5mm max.
  • Coated ceramic body thickness T: 5.0mm max.
  • Pin wire diameter d: 0.6mm
  • 2 Tinned pin wire space F: 5.0± 1mm
  • Pin wire length L: 25mm min.
  • Coated ceramic body to wire length H: 9.0mm max.


Overcurrent protection for telecom applications
Suitable for line card applications e.g. POTS, access networks,
customer premises equipment (CPE) or integrated voice data (IVD)


Compliant with ITU-T standards

  • basic-level lightning surges (10/700 µs)
  • basic level power induction (600 V, 1 A, 0.2 s)
  • power contact criteria A/B (230 V, 15 min.)

Matching available with narrow resistance tolerance.
Tight resistance matching maintained after switching.
Negligible resistance drift after soldering or switching.

Cross to  EPCOS obsolete B59069B1120A051, GE RL1605-25-120-50-PTF.

Electrical Specifications

  • Resistance @25C  R25 : 25Ω,
  • Standard R25 tolerance +/-  20%, tight tolerance +/-  15% can be supplied upon request.
  • Rated voltage (RMS) : 230 V
  • Maximum operating voltage Vmax: 250 V
  • Maximum withstanding voltage: 350V
  • Maximum permissible repetitive turn over current Imax: 1 A
  • Non-trip Current at +25C : 85 mA
  • Non-trip Current at +40C:  75 mA
  • PTC Thermistor Trip Current, Operating Current at +25℃ It : 170 mA
  • Tripping time at +25C:  1A→ 0.5A: < 0.7 seconds.
  • Operating ambient temperature range (V=0): -40~+125C
  • Operating ambient temperature range (V=230V) :  0~60C

Reliability Data

Test Item Standard Test conditions |ΔR25/R25|
Electrical endurance,
IEC 60738-1 Room temperature, 1A; 230V
Number of cycles: 100
Electrical endurance,
IEC 60738-1 storage at Voltage: 230V
Ambient temperature: +60C
Test duration: 1000 h
Damp heat IEC 60738-1 Temperature of air: 40℃,
Relative humidity of air: 93%,
Duration: 56 days
Test according to IEC  60068-2-78
Lead wire tensile IEC60068-2-21 Test Ua: pull strength 10N, 10 seconds,
Test Ub: bending 90°, pull strength 5N,
successively twice.
Test Uc: revolving 180°,
successively twice.
Rapid change
of temperature
IEC 60738-1 T1 = Top,min (0 V), T2 = Top,max (0 V)
Number of cycles: 5
Test duration: 30 min
Test according to IEC 60068-2-14, test Na
Climatic sequence IEC 60738-1 Dry heat: T = Top,max (0 V)
Test duration: 16 h
Damp heat first cycle
Cold: T = Top,min (0 V)
Test duration: 2 h
Damp heat 5 cycles
Tests performed according to
IEC 60068-2-30

Packaging Information

Production tape package or loose bulk in plastic package.