Hex Threaded NTC 50K Ohm Beta 3950K Water Temperature Probe Assembly

Hex Threaded Water Probe Shape and Dimension

Hex threaded water temp sensor

Unit: mm

  1. NTC thermistor R25: 50KΩ±1%,Beta value B(25/50): 3950K
  2. Stainless steel case, 304, φ2.7×23mm
  3. O-ring: φ2.5×φ6.1×1.8mm
  4. Potting and Sealing Epoxy Resin, black color.
  5. Screw nut, brass, dimension M8×1.25+S8×9.5
  6. Wire Cable UL2651 26AWG 300V 105℃, black.
  7. Connector: SXH-001T-P0.6/XHP-2 white color, can also be deleted with bared end.

Hex Threaded Water Probe Application

NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe for temperature measurement of liquid, water, air, etc. Typical application drinking water, water heater boilers, chiller system, water and oil tanks, industrial appliances, solar heating systems, etc.

Hex Threaded Water Probe Features

  • Immersion NTC thermistor temperature sensor, can be placed directly in the water flow, in direct drinking water contact, to detect water temperature.
  • Fast time response for water liquid immersion application.
  • Reduced thermal gradient, due to the use of small tip dimension.
  • Hex head Screw threaded mounting sensor.
  • Rugged, resistant to heat shock and moisture.

Hex Threaded Water Probe Electric Characteristics Data

Resistance at 25C R25: 50K ohm+/-1%,
Beta Value B(25/50): 3950K+/-1%
Dissipation Factor: 5 mw/℃ min.
Thermal Time Constant (in water): 7 seconds max.
Insulation resistance: 500VDC, 100 MΩ
Voltage withstanding: 1200VAC, 1mA, 2 seconds
Operating temperature range: -30 to +105C
Temperature measurement accuracy from -30 to +105C shall be within +/- 1.5C.

Resistance vs. Temperature RT Data

-40C 1682.8 KΩ 15C 78.581 KΩ 70C 8.766 KΩ
-35C 1215.3 KΩ 20C 62.469 KΩ 75C 7.406 KΩ
-30C 886.13 KΩ 25C 50.000 KΩ 80C 6.280 KΩ
-25C 652.73 KΩ 30C 40.283 KΩ 85C 5.355 KΩ
-20C 485.76 KΩ 35C 32.654 KΩ 90C 4.580 KΩ
-15C 364.99 KΩ 40C 26.641 KΩ 95C 3.939 KΩ
-10C 276.78 KΩ 45C 21.856 KΩ 100C 3.404 KΩ
-5C 211.73 KΩ 50C 18.021 KΩ 105C 2.964 KΩ
0C 163.34 KΩ 55C 14.937 KΩ 110C 2.588 KΩ
5C 127.02 KΩ 60C 12.446 KΩ 115C 2.253 KΩ
10C 99.538 KΩ 65C 10.421  KΩ 120C 1.953 KΩ

Hex Threaded Water Probe Mechanical Performance Test

Test Item Test Condition Performance Request
Lead Wire Tensile Pulling Applying force 9.8N(1KGF)along lead wire direction, for 1 minute. No cracks in the resin and wire bonding, No visible damage
Falling down Falling down from 1 meter high to 10mm thick oak wooden board, 5 times. No cracks in the resin and wire bonding, No visible damage

Hex Threaded Water Probe Reliability Data

Test Item Standard Test Conditions ΔR25/R25 (typical) Remarks
Low temperature storage IEC 60068-2-1 Storage at low category temperature. Temperature: -30 oC Time: 1000 hours ≤3% No visible damage
Storage in dry heat IEC 60068-2-2 Storage at upper category temperature. Temperature: 100 oC Time: 1000 hours ≤3% No visible damage
Storage in damp heat, steady state (Humidity test) IEC 60068-2-3 Temperature: 40oC,
Humidity:90%-95% RH,
Duration:1000 hours
≤3% No visible damage
Rapid temperature cycling IEC 60068-2-14 1. -30C/30 minutes
2. 30C/5minutes
3. 100C/30 minutes
4. 30C/5minutes.
Number of cycles: 5 Cycles
≤3% No visible damage

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