PTC Air HeaterPTC Convection Heaters

PTC Air Heater

PTC Air Heater

PTC Air Heater

Self-regulating function of power in correlation to the air volume flow and ambient temperature.

The power and the temperature can be easily adjusted by varying the speed of the fan that blows air over the radiator.  Also its power characteristics will change with changes in ambient temperature, When the ambient temperature decreases, the power increases. When the ambient temperature increases, the power is reduced.

Heating power characteristics of PTC Air heater

Heating Power Characteristics of PTC Air Heater

Dimension: length: 50-300mm, width: 22-80mm, thickness: 15mm.
Powerwatt: 100-2000W (tolerance 5%-10%).
Optional for surface insulation construction (without electricity on the surface) or non-insulation construction (with electricity on the surface).

PTC Convection Heaters

PTC Convection Heaters ideal for anti-freeze and anti-damp function , suitable for electricity control tank, electric meter and instrument defrosting heating, surveillance monitor, etc.

Convection PTC heater

Convection PTC Heater

Operating voltage: 12-240V
Surface temperature: 60-190C
Rated Power watt: 30-200W
Power-watt density (Heating power-watt per water contact area):   approx. 6W /cm2          (water temperature @25C)