Threaded Aluminum Housing Φ3.5×30 + M8×1.25 mm 12V 160C PTC Cartridge Heater Assembly

AMWEI Ordering Code: AL3.5X30+M8X1.25MM160C12V

Appearance and Dimension

Threaded Al M8x30mm 12V 160C PTC Cartridge heater Assembly

1. Wire cable: VDE1X0.75mm2  180C 450V  Black, 350mm
2. Epoxy resin G-108:GU-MZ, black
3. Al case housing: Φ3.5×30 + M8×1.25 mm
4. PTC Thermistor Tref=160℃±10℃, Surface temperature max 170℃

Feature Application

Thin rectangular PTC thermistor soldered with insulation cable, potted into threaded Al Housing. Threaded PTC Cartridge heating assembly suitable for pipe, tanks, vessel, container, equipment casings heating application. Threaded hex head design is ideal for tanks, vessel and pipe installation, as well as other industrial application, affords greater resistance to shock and vibration. Typical application such as automotive vehicles carburetor heating, water boiler, etc.

Alternative to Epcos Ordering code: B59151S1160B40

Electrical Specifications

  • Rated voltage (RMS) : 12 V
  • Maximum operating voltage Vmax: 24 V
  • Breakdown voltage at Ta=25°C: >40V
  • Resistance @25C  R25 : 10–100 Ω
  • PTC Thermistor Surface Temperature: 170C max.
  • Inrush current at V = VR:  0.8 – 1.5A
  • Insulation voltage: ≥ 500V,  50Hz
  • Al case housing shell surface temperature around 125C

Reliability Data

Test Item Test conditions Requests
Environmental variation Temperature:80℃ (+0/-5)   On:3 hours
Temperature:-15℃(±2)     On:  3 hours
With rapid change, change time <3 seconds, for 8 consecutive time.
24 hours at moiststatic room at 40℃, 100% relative humidity.
PTC Thermistor characteristics curve shall not be changed.
No damage to the cables and resin.
Vibration Test Sinusoidal vibration test last on 12 hours, according to 3 axis, composed the following A and B items
A) Frequency 10-60Hz, constant deplacement of 1.5mm from peak to peak.
B) Frequency 60-200Hz, with accelerator 25g constant to peak.
The brushing must occur in continuous way from minimum to maximum value, and vice versa, with a variation of 10Hz second.
No visible mechanical damage. Function shall not be changed.
Control of the insulation layer Apply voltage 500V, 50Hz to one of the 2 wires and containers for 1 second. No damage, no discharge.