NTC Thermistor SMD Type 0805, 0603, 0402, for Temperature Compensation Sensing

SMD NTC Thermistor

SMD NTC Thermistor

SMD NTC Thermistor Features:

1. Size 0402, 0603, 0805.
2. Wide resistance range.
3. Superior solderability and resistance to soldering heat.
4. Wave or reflow soldering possible.
5. Low floating Capacitance(less 3pF),Can be use (using TCXO) in the high frequency region, Fast Response.
6. Operating Temperature Range –40–+125℃

SMD NTC Thermistor Application:

1 Temperature compensation of IC. LCD, transistor, crystal oscillator of mobile communications equipment
2. Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries
3. Temperature compensation and sensing of car audio equipment (CD, MD, Tuner)
4. Temperature sensor for CPU
5. Temperature compensation of several kinds of circuits

SMD NTC Thermistors Outlook and Dimension

SMD NTC Thermistors Dimension Structure

SMD NTC Thermistors Dimension Structure

Size L1 W Hmax. L2, L3 min
0402 (1005) .04±.006 (1.0±0.15) .02±.004 (0.5±0.10) .024 (0.60) .004 (0.10)
0603 (1608) .063±.006 (1.6±0.15) .031±.006 (0.8±0.15) .037 (0.95) .004 (0.10)
0805 (2012) .08±.008 (2.0±0.20) .05±.008 (1.25±0.2) .05 (1.25) .006 (0.15)

SMD NTC Thermistors Data Sheet

Series Part No. Resistance at 25℃ (R25) Beta Value Max Rated Power Dissipation Factor Thermal Time Constant
Value (KΩ) Tolerance (%) Value (K) Tolerance (%)
SMD 0402 SMD0402-R103□B3380 10K F: 1%
G: 2%
H: 3%
J: 5%
B25/50:3380 1%
100mW 1mw/℃ ≤3 sec
SMD0402-R103□B3435 10K B25/85:3435
SMD0402-R103□B3950 10K B25/50:3950
SMD0402-R473□B4050 47K B25/50:4050
SMD0402-683□B3950 68K B25/50:3950
SMD0402-104□B4100 100K B25/50:4100
SMD0402-104□B4360 100K B25/50:4360
SMD 0603 SMD0603-R103□B3380 10K B25/50:3380 200mW 2mw/℃ ≤3 sec
SMD0603-R103□B3435 10K B25/85:3435
SMD0603-R103□B3950 10K B25/50:3950
SMD0603-R473□B4050 47K B25/50:4050
SMD0603-683□B3950 68K B25/50:3950
SMD0603-104□B4100 100K B25/50:4100
SMD0603-104□B4360 100K B25/50:4360
SMD 0805 SMD0805-R103□B3380 10K B25/50:3380 300mW 3mw/℃ ≤5 sec
SMD0805-R103□B3435 10K B25/85:3435
SMD0805-R103□B3950 10K B25/50:3950
SMD0805-R473□B4050 47K B25/50:4050
SMD0805-683□B3950 68K B25/50:3950
SMD0805-104□B4100 100K B25/50:4100
SMD0805-104□B4360 100K B25/50:4360

Reliability Test

Test Item Standard Test Condition/Methods Specification
Solderability IEC60068-2-20 Soldering temperature: 235±5℃, Immersion time: 5±0.5 seconds At least 95% of terminal electrode is covered by new solder
Resistance to soldering heat IEC60068-2-20 Soldering temperature: 260±5℃, Immersion time: 10±0.5 seconds,
Preheating temperature: 150±5℃, Preheating time: 3 minutes
No visible damage │ΔR25/R25│≤3%
Storage in dry heat IEC 60068-2-2 Storage at upper category temperature: 125oC,  Time:
No visible damage │ΔR25/R25│≤3%
Storage in damp heat IEC 60068-2-3 Temperature: 60±2℃, Humidity of air: 90–95%, Time: 1000hours No visible damage │ΔR25/R25│≤3%
Rapid temperature cycling IEC 60068-2-14 1. -40C/20 minutes
2. 30C/15minutes
3. 100C/30 minutes
4. 30C/15minutes.
Number of cycles: 5 Cycles
No visible damage │ΔR25/R25│≤3%

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