PTC NTC Thermistors for Industrial Process Control  Industry Process Control

Silicon PTC Thermistors resistance increases with the temperature rises in linearity, displays a virtually linear positive temperature coefficient over their entire temperature range.
Silicon temperature sensors exhibit fail-safe operation when a system overheats. Furthermore silicon is inherently stable, so silicon temperature sensor is extremely reliable, has very long operational lifetimes.
Silicon PTC Thermistors Temperature Sensor is widely applied in motion control temperature sensing, in drives and motors, spindles, inverters and control systems temperature sensing and controls.
For AMWEI PTC Thermistors resistance @25C R25 1000 ohm, 2000Ω resistance @100C R100 1000 ohm part, replacement to obsolete NXP KTY 84 83 81 series.

PTC Thermistors Circuit Protector, also called PTC Thermistor Resettable fuse, are used instead of conventional fuses to protect motors against overcurrent for circuit protection. PTC thermistor over-current protector limits the power dissipation of the whole circuit by increasing their resistance and thus reducing the current to a harmless residual value. In contrast to conventional fuses, PTC thermistor resettable fuses do not have to be replaced after elimination of the fault but resume their protective function immediately after a short cooling-down time.

With PTC Thermistors as temperature sensors only the steep region of the R/T characteristic is used. The resistance of the PTC Thermistor is to be regarded as a function of the ambient temperature [RPTC = f (TA)]. The precondition for this relationship between resistance and ambient temperature is that selfheating and/or the varistor effect are excluded. This means that these PTC Thermistors must be operated in the lowest possible field strengths. To enable a fast response, thermistor sensors have especially small dimensions. High control accuracy is achieved by using materials with an extra steep resistance/temperature characteristic.

Inrush-current limiters power NTC thermistor protect circuits from undesirably high currents, suppressing high inrush current surges, while its resistance remains negligible low during continuous operation. Thanks to their low resistance in the operating state, Power NTC thermistor have a considerably lower power dissipation than the fixed resistors frequently used for this application.

Ring lug NTC thermistor surface temperature probes are designed for screw-in-place mounting, can be used for temperature measurement, control, and monitoring of transformer and power supply, NTC thermistor housed in eyelet nickel plated copper material, Good thermal coupling through metal tag. Metal contact surface yields fast temperature response.
Standard ring hole diameter 4.0mm, 3.2mm, resistance @25C 10k ohm, 100k ohm.

NTC thermistor housed in stainless steel sheath, with rectangle flange and 2 mounting holes.
2 mounting holes, together with O-ring sealing, for better sealing.

Threaded brass screw-in NTC thermistor temperature sensor

M8 Threaded NTC thermistor temperature sensor

Threaded stainless steel tube NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe for temperature measurement of liquid, water, air, etc. Ideal for vessel and pipe installation. Threaded design affords greater resistance to shock and vibration.

Application: NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe for temperature measurement of liquid, water, air, etc. Typical application water heater boilers, chiller system, water and oil tanks, industrial appliances, solar heating systems, etc.

Immersion NTC thermistor temperature sensor, can be placed directly in the water flow, in direct drinking water contact, to detect water temperature.
Fast time response for water liquid immersion application.
Reduced thermal gradient, due to the use of small tip dimension.
Hex head Screw threaded mounting sensor.
Rugged, resistant to heat shock and moisture.

Stainless steel oven cooker roaster toaster NTC thermistor temperature sensor

Flanged Stainless Steel NTC sensor with 1 mounting hole

NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe assembly for oven, electric cooker, roaster, toaster, industrial process control, etc.

Glass encapsulated thermistor, housed in stainless steel sheath, with rectangle flange, round tip and 1 mounting hole.
For temperature measurement upto 250C. Reliable operation in hot, damp and fatty air.

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