TDK Epcos B59102R0090A010 Cross, PTC Thermistor as Heating Elements Rectangular 230V 125C 1K ohm, Dimension 35X6X2.54mm

AMWEI Ordering Code: PHR35X6X2.54MM230V125C1KRA

Appearance and Dimension

PTC Heater Rectangular

PTC Heater Rectangular

  • Length L : 35±1mm
  • Width W: 6±0.2mm
  • Thickness T: 2.54±0.1mm
  • Curvature <0.1mm
  • Electrode: Aluminum metallization


Applied for 230V or 120V heating, can be used in beauty products tool equipment appliances, such as  hair curlers, fan heaters,  coffee machines,  glue guns, etc. Suitable for clamp contacting.

Electrical Specifications

  • Resistance @25C  R25 : 1000 Ω ±50%
  • Rated voltage (RMS) : 230 V
  • Maximum operating voltage Vmax: 265 V
  • PTC Thermistor Surface Temperature: 125C±10C
  • Reference temperature (Switch temperature) Tref: 110C
  • Operating ambient temperature range (V=0): -40~+200C
  • Operating ambient temperature range (V=Vmax) :  -40~100C

Reliability Data

Test Item Standard Test conditions |ΔR25/R25|
Electrical endurance,
IEC 60738-1 Room temperature, Vmax
Number of cycles: 10000
Electrical endurance,
IEC 60738-1 storage at Voltage: 230V
Ambient temperature: +100C
Test duration: 1000 h
Damp heat IEC 60738-1 Temperature of air: 40 °C
Relative humidity of air: 93%
Duration: 56 days
Test according to IEC 60068-2-78