Radial Leaded Epoxy Resin Coated NTC Thermistor  Temperature Sensor, 2252 ohm, Beta B(25/50):3935K, Temperature -40C to +125C.

AMWEI Product Number: AMF52-2252F3935

Appearance and Dimension

Radial Resin NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor


Radial  Leaded Epoxy Resin Coated  NTC Thermistor Application

Temperature sensing, control and compensation. E.g.  HVAC  air conditioner, refrigerator, deep freezer, inlet air temperature sensing thermistors,  ECT in automotive applications, sensor elements in industrial and commercial applications, heating systems and industrial systems, medical equipment, battery pack and battery charger etc.

Radial Leaded Epoxy Resin Coated NTC Thermistor Electric Perfomance

  • Resistance at 25C R25: 2252 ohm+/-1%
  • Beta Value B(25/50): 3935K+/-1%
  • Optional R25 resistance tolerance,  ±1%(F), ±2%(G), ±3%(H), or ±5%(J)
  • Dissipation Factor: δ≥3mW/℃.
  • Thermal Time Constant (in still air): ≤12 seconds.
  • Rated Powerwatt (below 25C): ≤50mW
  • Insulation resistance: room temperature, 500V, 60 Seconds, ≥100MΩ.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +125C.

NTC 2252 Ohm 3935K Resistance vs. Temperature RT Data

(K Ohm)
(K Ohm)
(K Ohm)
-40C 77.2359 KΩ 20C 2.8130 KΩ 80C 0.2851 KΩ
-35C 55.2134 KΩ 25C 2.2520 KΩ 85C 0.2429 KΩ
-30C 40.0948 KΩ 30C 1.8080 KΩ 90C 0.2077 KΩ
-25C 29.5013 KΩ 35C 1.4646 KΩ 95C 0.1783 KΩ
-20C 21.9533 KΩ 40C 1.1955 KΩ 100C 0.1537 KΩ
-15C 16.5002 KΩ 45C 0.9823 KΩ 105C 0.1331 KΩ
-10C 12.5144 KΩ 50C 0.8119 KΩ 110C 0.1156 KΩ
-5C 9.5715 KΩ 55C 0.6745 KΩ 115C 0.1008 KΩ
0C 7.3794 KΩ 60C 0.5630 KΩ 120C 0.0882 KΩ
5C 5.7335 KΩ 65C 0.4720 KΩ 125C 0.0776 KΩ
10C 4.4885 KΩ 70C 0.3974 KΩ
15C 3.5402 KΩ 75C 0.3359 KΩ

Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin Coated NTC Thermistor Mechanical Test

Test Standard Test Conditions and methods Requirements
Soldering & Solderability IEC60068-2-20
Test Ta
Temperature: 230±5 ℃,
2-2.5mm away from ceramic body
On: 2±0.5 Seconds.
The terminations shall be evenly tinned
Resistant to soldering heat IEC60068-2-20
Test Tb
Temperature: 260±5℃,
2-2.5mm away from ceramic body
On:10±1 Seconds.
No visible damage,
Lead wire tensile IEC60068-2-21
Test U
Test Ua: Force 10N, On 10 Seconds;
Test Ub: Bending 90C, Force 5N, Twice.
No break off,

Radial Leaded Epoxy Resin Coated NTC Thermistor Reliability Data

Test Standard Test Conditions ΔR25/R25 (typical) Remarks
Low temperature storage IEC 60068-2-1 Storage at low category temperature. Temperature: -40 oC Time: 1000hours ≤3% No visible damage
Storage in dry heat IEC 60068-2-2 Storage at upper category temperature. Temperature: 100 oC Time: 1000hours ≤3% No visible damage
Storage in damp heat, steady state (Humidity test) IEC 60068-2-3 Temperature: 40oC,
Humidity:90%-95% RH,
Duration:1000 hours
≤3% No visible damage
Rapid temperature cycling IEC 60068-2-14 1. -40C/30 minutes
2. 30C/5minutes
3. 100C/30 minutes
4. 30C/5minutes.
Number of cycles: 5 Cycles
≤3% No visible damage

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