PTC Cartridge Heaters,  Flow Through PTC Liquid Water Heater, Build-in PTC Liquid Water Heater

Threaded PTC Cartridge Heater

Threaded Al M8X1.25mm PTC Heater

Threaded Al Cartridge PTC Thermistor Heater

Thin rectangular PTC thermistor soldered with insulation cable, potted into threaded Al Housing. Threaded PTC Cartridge heating assembly suitable for pipe, tanks, vessel, container, equipment casings heating application. Threaded hex head design is ideal for tanks, vessel and pipe installation, as well as other industrial application, affords greater resistance to shock and vibration. Typical application such as automotive vehicles carburetor heating, water boiler, etc.

Threaded aluminum housing, M8X1.25mm, total Al case length 30mm.
Operating voltage: 12-24V

Metal Cartridge PTC Heater

Metal Cartridge PTC Heater

Surface temperature: 180C max.
Inrush current: 0.8-1.5A.
Power watt: 14W.
Control of the insulation layer: ≥500V/50Hz.

Other stainless steel tube housing or other metal housing PTC Cartridge heater can also be made upon request.

PTC Water Heater, PTC Liquid Heater

The powerwatt of PTC water heater (PTC liquid heater) varies with application condition, it shall requests the heated water have good flow for PTC Heating. There are 3 kinds construction of PTC heating, Flow through PTC Water Heater / Steam Generator, Build-in PTC liquid Heater, Liquid Container Bottom heating.

Flow Through PTC Water Heater, Steam Generator

Pass Through PTC Water Heater

Pass Through PTC Water Heater

Pass Through PTC Water Heater For Flow through PTC Water Heater, water flow through middle flow channel, PTC Heater directly heat flow water. Two available designs are single-pass and multi-pass systems.

Operating voltage: 12-240V
Insulation voltage withstanding: > 3750V
Surface temperature: 180-265C
Rated Power watt: 50-1000W
Power-watt density (Heating power-watt per water contact area): approx. 4-10W per cm2 (water temperature @25C)

Flow Through PTC Water Heater Power Consumption

1L/ min 20C 40C 90% 1.5KW 6.8A
3L/ min 20C 40C 90% 4.5KW 20.5A
5L/ min 20C 40C 90% 7.8KW 35.5A
10L/min 20C 40C 90% 15.6KW 70.9A

Build-in PTC Liquid Heater

Build-in PTC liquid Heater for installation in sites where sufficient clamping contact must be guaranteed. This is necessary in order to continuously maintain optimum heat transfer.

Build-in PTC water Heater

Build-in PTC water Heater

Operating voltage: 12-240V
Insulation voltage withstanding: min. 3750V
Surface temperature: 100-250C
Rated Power watt: 50-500W
Power-watt density (Heating power-watt per water contact area): approx. 6W per cm2 (water temperature @25C)