TDK EPCOS Code B59880C0120A070 Alternative
PTC Thermistor Leaded Disk Coated 230V 70 Ohm 0.3A

AMWEI Ordering Code: AMZ11-05P70RH265


  1. Application: Overcurrent protection, Overload, Short circuit protection.
  2. Best suited to meet the requirements for power supplies motor transformer protection.
  3. Error-free operations are assured by rush current.
  4. Circuit is protected until current is turned off.
  5. Restores the original low resistance value automatically once the overload is removed.
  6. Non-contact design leads to long life and no noise.
  7. Durable and strong against mechanical vibration and shock.

Appearance and Dimension

Current Protection PTC Thermistor Outlook Engineering Drawing

Leaded Disks Coated PTC Thermistor Appearance  Engineering Drawing

  • Silicon resin coated ceramic body, green color
  • Coated ceramic body outer diameter D : 6.5mm max.
  • Coated ceramic body thickness T: 5.5mm max.
  • 2 Tinned pin wire space F: 5.0± 1mm
  •  Pin wire diameter d: 0.6mm
  • Pin wire length L: 25mm min.
  • Ceramic body to kinked wire length H: 12mm max.

Electrical Specifications

  • Resistance @25C  R25 : 70Ω +/-  25%
  • Rated voltage (RMS) : 230 V
  • Maximum operating voltage Vmax:  265 V
  • Maximum withstanding voltage Vwith: 350 V
  • Maximum permissible repetitive turn over current Imax: 0.3 A
  • Non-trip Current at +25℃ : 65 mA
  • Non-trip Current at +60℃:  50 mA
  • PTC Thermistor Trip Current, Operating Current at +25℃ It : 130 mA
  • Reference temperature (Switch temperature) Tref: 120±10 ℃
  • Operating ambient temperature range (V=0): -40~+125C
  • Operating ambient temperature range (V=Vmax) :  0~60C

Packaging Information

Loose bulk, or Production tape package.

Technical Knowledge