Murata Code PTFL04BE471Q2N34B0 POSISTOR Cross, PTC Overheating Sensing Protection Radial Leaded Resin Coated Type  90C 470 Ohm.

AMWEI Ordering Code: PTCTPA-90C471R-25C101R

PTC Radial Leaded Resin Coated Sensor Features

  • Lead type temperature sensor, suitable for use as an air temperature sensing.
  • For sensing the temperature of transistors, thyristors, stereo main amplifiers, and other devices having risk of overheat.
  • Limit temperature sensor with epoxy resin coating.
  • Tinned pin leads wire.
  • Compact and light design as well as excellent thermal response.
PTC Limit Temp Sensor Metal Tag Appearance Dimension

Electrical Specifications

  • Max. operating voltage (TA = 0-40 C) Vmax: 30 V DC
  • Measuring voltage (TA = 25 C  Tsense) Vmeas ≤ 2.5 V DC
  • Rated resistance R25 ≤ 100 Ω
  • Sensing temperature Tsense: 90C centigrade.
  • Resistance at 75℃ (Tsense-15C): ≤330 Ω
  • Resistance at Sensing temperature 90C (Tsense): ≥470 Ω .
  • Maximum permissible current: 100mA
  • Operating temperature range (V ≤ Vmeas,max) Top -25–+130 C
  • Operating temperature range (V = Vmax) Top 0–+40 C

Packaging Information

Loose bulk in plastic bag.