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Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated NTC Thermistor for Temperature Sensing, Measurement, Detection, Indicator, Monitoring, Control, Gauging and Compensation.

Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated NTC Thermistor Description:

AMF52 series NTC thermistor in Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated form, Standard pin wire is tinned copper brass wire, non-insulated, optional in tinned kinked steel wire, PVC wire, PTFE wire. Widely applied in temperature sensing, measurement, detection, indicator, monitoring, gauging, control, calibration and compensation, etc., suitable for HVAC and white goods, automotive, battery pack application.

AMWEI Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated NTC Thermistor Features

High measurement accuracy.
Tight tolerance on resistance and Beta value.
Fast response, small dimension.
Can operate in long time stability.
Nominal resistance @25C can be from 1k--1000k.
Typical resistance at 25C 1k ohm, 2k ohm, 2252 ohm, 3k ohm, 4.7k ohm, 5k ohm, 6.8k ohm, 10k ohm, 15k ohm, 20k ohm, 30k ohm, 40k ohm, 47k ohm, 50k ohm, 100k ohm, 150k ohm, 1000k ohm, etc.
Dissipation factor: 3.0 mW/C in still air.
Thermal time constant: 12 seconds in still air.
Operating temperature range: -45C -- +125C.

Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated NTC Thermistor Application

In household electronics temperature measurement, detection and control: such as air conditioner, refrigerator, deep freezer, soybean milk machine, bread machine, drinking machine, etc.
Medical equipment and apparatus temperature sensing and measurement .
Temperature control instrument.
Electronic temperature humidity meter.
Automobile temperature measurement.
Electronic table calendar.
Battery pack and battery charger temperature measurement, compensation, control and protection.

Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated NTC Thermistor Dimension (mm)

Radial lead epoxy NTC Thermistors 

engineering drawing


AMWEI Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin coated NTC Thermistor Data Sheet

Part number Resistance @25C
R25 ohm
Beta value
AMF52-1023950 R25: 1K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-2023470 R25: 2K ohm B(25/50C): 3470k
AMF52-2023550 R25: 2K ohm B(25/50C):3550k
AMF52-2023950 R25: 2K ohm B(25/50C):3950k
AMF52-22523935 R25: 2252 ohm B(25/50C):3935k
AMF52-2.78K3950 R25: 2.78K ohm B(25/50C):3950k
AMF52-3023977(B25/85) R25:3K ohm B(25/85C):3977k
AMF52-3323950 R25: 3.3K ohm B(25/50C):3950k
AMF52-4723950 R25: 4.7K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-5023470 R25: 5K ohm B(25/50C): 3470k
AMF52-5023950 R25: 5K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-6823977(B25/85) R25: 6.8K ohm B(25/85C): 3977k
AMF52-6824200 R25: 6.8K ohm B(25/50C): 4200k
AMF52-1033380 R25: 10K ohm B(25/50C): 3380k
AMF52-1033435(B25/85) R25: 10K ohm B(25/85C): 3435k
AMF52-1033470 R25: 10K ohm B(25/50C):3470k
AMF52-1033950 R25: 10K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-1033977(B25/85) R25: 10K ohm (B25/85C): 3977k
AMF52-1034100 R25: 10K ohm B(25/50C): 4100k
AMF52-1533950 R25: 15K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-2033950 R25: 20K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-2334200 R25: 23K ohm B(25/50C): 4200k
AMF52-3033950 R25: 30K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-40.27k3979(B25/85) R25: 40.27K ohm B(25/85C): 3979k
AMF52-4733950 R25: 47K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-5033950 R25: 50K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-5033990 R25: 50K ohm B(25/50C): 3990k
AMF52-5034050 R25: 50K ohm B(25/50C): 4050k
AMF52-1043950 R25: 100K ohm B(25/50C): 3950k
AMF52-1043990 R25:100K ohm B(25/50C): 3990k
AMF52-1044200 R25:100K ohm B(25/50C): 4200k
AMF52-1544370(B25/85) R25: 150K ohm B(25/85C): 4370k
AMF52-1054730 R25:1000K ohm B(25/50C): 4730k
Notes in the part number for filling in resistance tolerance, optional for 1%(F), 2%(G), 3%(H), or 5%(J).

Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin Coated NTC thermistor Reliability Data

Test Conditions
R25/R25 (typical)
Low temperature storage IEC 60068-2-1 Storage at low category temperature. Temperature: -40 oC Time: 1000hours
No visible damage
Storage in dry heat IEC 60068-2-2 Storage at upper category temperature. Temperature: 100 oC Time: 1000hours
No visible damage
Storage in damp heat, steady state (Humidity test) IEC 60068-2-3 Temperature: 40oC,
Humidity:90%-95% RH,
Duration:1000 hours
No visible damage
Rapid temperature cycling IEC 60068-2-14 1. -40C/30 minutes
2. 30C/5minutes
3. 100C/30 minutes
4. 30C/5minutes.
Number of cycles: 5 Cycles
No visible damage

Radial Leaded, Epoxy Resin Coated NTC thermistor Mechanical Test

Test Conditions and methods
Soldering & Solderability IEC60068-2-20
Test Ta
Temperature: 2305 棬
2-2.5mm away from ceramic bodyOn: 20.5Seconds.
The terminations shall be evenly tinned
Resistant to soldering heat IEC60068-2-20
Test Tb
Temperature: 2605,
2-2.5mm away from ceramic bodyOn101 Seconds.
No visible damage,
Lead wire tensile IEC60068-2-21
Test U
Test Ua: Force 10N, On 10 Seconds; Test Ub: Bending 90C, Force 5N, Twice. No break off,

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